Career Skills

Garden Sketch DesignYou have to know what skills are needed for the career you want before you know if you have what it takes to land a job. Download this free list of career skills to assess your own readiness. If you don’t have the skills for the jobs you want, you should set about obtaining those skills!

Career Skills Lists

Track Your Leads

1338212_business_manThis Excel Spreadsheet will help you keep track of your job leads. It is a free download and feel free to share it with anyone who’s out looking for a job. You can download either an Excel spreadsheet or a pdf format.

Job Seeking Spreadsheet  (Excel Format)

My-Leads (pdf format)

Career Pathway

stepping stones

You have to know where you’re going! Most careers involve a series of steps along the way so it’s wise to plan those steps out, understand what is required to reach each of them, and then undertake the training and gain the skills and experience you need to reach them.


Post Interview Review

success-signA rejection hurts and there’s no getting around that. But you cannot ignore some truths about the situation. First is that you did a lot of things right to get the interview. So your application process is strong. Your CV is good and your cover letter made the initial sale. Now you may not have gotten the job for a number of reasons but take a moment to review your performance in the interview using this simple, free tool. Don’t miss this chance to learn so that the next time you will ACE it and land the job!

Post Interview Review

LinkedIn Tips is a great site where job seekers network, do company research prior to interviews, and find job opportunities. There are many ways to use LinkedIn wisely for job seeking but get started by establishing a profile! Download this ten tops from LinkedIn about how to use the site for job hunting.


Cover Letter Tips

1338212_business_manJob seekers are often confused about the cover letter because it can be called a variety of things. A motivational letter, a cover letter, or a letter of application are all different terms for the same thing. A cover letter is where you make the case in narrative form that you are the right candidate for that particular position. It is a big mistake to have one cover letter for all jobs. Generic won’t do! Create a new letter for each application!